Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Argyle and Us Thieves in Concert!!!

THIS FRIDAY there is a show. A show every single one of you should come to. Click on these photos to see their profiles on Facebook and Reverbnation! Please.. If you love me. (:

"Argyle" on facebook.

"Argyle" on reverbnation.

Listen to their music. Please. What they have uploaded is just a taste of the real thing. They are so fantastic! And I'm sure you will love them as much as I do. (:

One last link: This is the event on facebook. All the information to come see this amazing group play- free! And if you become a fan, you can be in on all future events, too. Pleeease just take a peek! I can promise you won't regret it! Then come back here, and let me know what you think. You can comment on this post, or email me. Just let me know what you think so I can pass it on to the band!

They hope to have 1,000 fans on facebook by New Years. I think they could do it- but they need your help! So please, if you like them the way I do, share them with your friends! Spread the good word of love. (:

Thank you all, so much, for your love and support! Forever yours, Me. (:

Thursday, December 2, 2010

I want to teach.

Watch this video. It is a video of Taylor Mali's poem, "What Teacher's Make." It's edited, you can find the unedited version on youtube. I was trying to be somewhat censored. (:

I love this poem.

Taylor Mali is so inspiring. I've always wanted to teach, always. I have tried to deny that fact often, for whatever reason. I didn't want to do that much schooling, they don't make enough, whatever. It doesn't matter. I do want to teach. And accepting that fact is hard. It won't be the easiest future, it won't make me rich. But I think I would be happy. I think about being a part in forming the next generation, giving them hope, helping them grow, and I get so excited! I feel like I could do it, and do a good job of it.

Teaching is so sacred to me. I feel like they have such an important role in life.. Something anyone should be honored to do. I love it. Everyone has that one teacher they loved, the teacher that changed them. I want to be that teacher. I want to get emails from students long since gone that tell me how their life is going and how much I helped them. I feel like that would be so rewarding.

I want to matter in the life of others.

And I want to do that by making them feel like they matter.

I think it's a good plan. (: Don't you?