Wednesday, September 29, 2010

"Love Deserves Respect."

It sooo does.
2010 Allies Dinner was beautiful. I teared up, many times. I laughed, I gasped, I ate. I met wonderful, beautiful people I have been waiting and waiting and hoping and hoping to meet. I had so much fun! The people there really truly care about what they're doing. There were no stuck up snobs looking down at me- unless of course I didn't see them. 1,560 people, there's no way I met every one.
And seriously, 1,560!!! That is so beyond fantastic! This dinner is just getting bigger! And it will continue to grow, until even the Grand Ballroom at the Salt Palace can't contain us. I have some serious faith in these people.
For those of you who don't know: The Allies Dinner was organized by a group called Equality Utah. They do sooo much, but a big part is gaining rights for the LGBT community in Utah. And they're doing it! And they will continue to do it!! And I'm SO EXCITED to be part of it!!!
I loved every moment of last night. It was so inspirational, so motivational, so damn right that there's no way it could have not touched my heart and soul! If you support this cause(and you should!) then go next year! Save up now, plan ahead, get ready, 'cause here they come!
I would like to tell you for just a second about the people in this beautiful organization. They work, around the clock, to help other people. They are doing their best to make sure there isn't another sad story, there isn't another reason to cry, there is no more misery. They want that day in the future, where this fight is so far in the past that no one remembers what it was about, to be tomorrow! Today! Yesterday! And so do I!!
My favorite might have been Dustin Lance Black. He was stunning. When he bore his testimony, of what he knew to be true, right, and good, I thought I might lose it. He used to be Mormon. And he accepted himself. And he's so wonderful. Hearing him talk.. You could tell he was made to be in front of people. (Seen Milk? Look it up.) He was so compelling, so earnest. He really believes in this work. It's awesome(in the awe sense) to see that sort of passion. Passion is what these people live on. Seeing that passion light up those faces.. True love. I was astonished at what I saw and heard last night. I have been changed, possibly forever. Hopefully forever. I already can't wait for next year.
Thank you, EU. All you wonderful people who set that up, I'm sure you knew what you were doing. And I commend you for it.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Too busy to blog?

Life has gotten pretty topsy-turvy on me lately- but in a very, very good way. I find myself with less and less time for reflection, with more and more to reflect upon! It seems a little backwards, but honestly, I'm loving it. I love love love this day, this moment, right here. I've got a car! (For those of you that know me, this is huge.) I can't believe how much easier life got the moment that car was registered, drivable, mine. I don't have to find a way to work anymore, I can drive my friends around, I don't have to borrow from my mom! The independence that came with my car is unbelievable. It's so refreshing to feel like I'm my own person. Things finally seem to be going in the right direction, and it's positively wonderful. I feel strong, confident, sure of myself. I haven't felt this way in a long time.
I always say attitude is everything, but I don't think I was taking my own advice. And I should have been! The more I think about the good things in my life, the better I feel. Sure, life's not perfect, but who cares?! It's not supposed to be!!! And again, I love it. Lovelovelove it. Carpe diem, carpe noctem. Sieze the day, sieze the night. I'm siezin like crazy, baby. (; It's hard to believe my entire outlook on life has turned around in such a short time. I thank God every single day for what he's given me.
Me and my light up backpack, walkin through the parking lot, loving the sunshine and smell of fresh cut grass. That's my moment. Lisette next to me, school behind me, and a beautiful, unknowable future ahead of me. What could be better than that? (Except sharing it with all of you, of course!)
Carpe diem, carpe noctem.

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Alaskan Cruise

This cruise was beautiful. A little chilly, but super super gorgeous. So much fun. It was very odd being waited on all the time! I didn't have to do anything for myself. Great for lazy old me. (:
The first stop was in Juneau. It was drizzly, breezy. We took a tour that took us through town and to the Mendenhall Glacier. It was huge! And there were a couple spots that were a beautiful deep blue.. Like something else. (; But we'll talk about that later.. I didn't see any awesome wildlife, but there was a lot of salmon streams, which were kinda cool. When we finished with the tour we ate in a restaurant/bar called Hangar on the Wharf. We all got halibut and fries(except Coby) and it was DELICIOUS!! Fresh fish by the ocean. Definitely something all fish-lovers should experience.
I feel like I'm missing a day.. Anyway.. We'll talk about Glacier Bay, that's the next day I remember haha. There were a couple channels with gooorgeous glaciers in there. My mom and I got to see the biggest one calving. Awesome white thunder. (: Then I went off for my pedicure, which was fabulous. Lorna was a magical woman! Made my bee sting feel much better, oddly enough. Super awesome.
In Sitka, we had the most beautiful weather they've had all season. Didn't need to wear my jacket. It was a small town, way fun to explore. Lots of fun with the fam. (:
Ketchikan wasn't too special.. A lot like Juneau, without the rain. We went on a fun tour there. We were supposed to see bears but we didn't. ): If I'm remembering right, that was Wednesday night.. The magical one. (: I went to the Crows Nest with a few kids I have met, and he was there. Brandon. Amazing. He asked me to dance, and it just got better from there. (: (: (: We went to the hammocks and stayed there til just before the sun came up! We didn't mean to, but with the time change, that's just how it worked out. Then we went back to the room he was sharing with his cousins(whom I had already met) and fell asleep for a couple hours in his bed. We hung out part of that day, and he came to see a comedian with me and my parents. That night we docked in Victoria(which I didn't much enjoy) and I was on shore for about an hour. Later I went to the boys' room and hung out with Brandon and his cousin Mikael. I think I spelled that right.. Anyway, Brandon was too tired to go dancing again, and so was I. I ended up falling asleep with him again. Aaaaall night. Best nights I had on that cruise were with him. He was the sweetest, most romantic guy I've ever met. He was so fantastic. He made me feel like the most special girl on the face of the planet. And I really had a lot of fun.
So I think that's most of my cruise. I'm too tired to get more in, but I'm sure I will eventually.
Oh! And I would recommend this cruise- fantastic! Just not a lot for kids. Coby was mostly bummed. He still had fun though.
So that's it for now. I hope it satisfied. I'll try to answer any questions.. For the most part. (: Ta!

P.S.- this is a super secret photo, you must keep it in your heart and take it to the grave! Just kidding. (: Sorta.. (: