Thursday, March 17, 2011

Spring Break

What did you do for Spring Break? California, maybe? A trip on a plane to somewhere warm and toasty? Did you work on your tan and meet someone intriguing on the beach? Pshaw, I say! Boring, conventional, positively normal! Did you ever think about spending the day playing in the rain and exploring locations you generally take for granted- with your best friend?!
Yes, that's right. I did something fabulous.
Lisette and I drove out to Antelope Island, and then explored the Hogle Zoo. Beautiful. We drove around for hours, listening to My Brother, My Brother, and Me, joking around, taking pictures. Pure bliss. I haven't had a day like that in a long time. These pictures are simply my end of the picture taking. She has oodles more on her camera. And it was a blast!
Seriously, though.. If you live in Utah, have you been to Antelope Island? And when was the last time you took a peek at those lovely critters in the zoo? If you don't live in Utah.. I'm sure there are many places nearby that you never even think about. Sitting around, Saturday afternoon, bored out of your wits, you may pine for a getaway. A vacation, something away from the monotony of your everyday. What about that little spot less than an hour from your front door? Do you think about that? I'm 19, and I am nearly ashamed to say this was my first trip to the island- but it certainly won't be my last. It was positively gorgeous, and I'm just dying to see it in the sunshine.
Not to say I didn't enjoy the rain. I love rain! We had the place nearly all to ourselves. It was breezy and sprinkly and fun. We got a little silly, and I have to say, I was head over heels in love with this day. Looking out over the Great Salt Lake, listening to rain drum on the roof of the car, just being.. Fabulous. The life to live, for certain.
And the zoo!! There were only a few other people there, so no lines, no crowds, no rush. Just a couple 4 year old teenagers running around and taking pictures. It was a blast. An experience I'm already longing to repeat.
So that's my Spring Break. A day full of mystery and adventure, just an hour from my house. I challenge you, the next time you need to escape, to escape somewhere nearby. Try it! See if maybe, just maybe, you actually enjoy it. (:

Saturday, March 12, 2011

For you

This post is for you. Yes, you. My beloved audience, loving follower, first time reader.
This post is for you. Beautiful soul, vibrant creature, beating heart.
This post is for you. Drying tears, empty shell, lost purpose.
This post is for you.

You are beautiful. You are amazing, wonderful, delightful. You are a fantastic wreck. A steamroller of emotions, an ocean of tears, a terrified being. You are doing your best to make your way in this crazy world of ours. You scream, you cry, you laugh. You make mistakes, and you make wonders. You are a creator, a dreamer, a marvel. You feel alone sometimes. You often wonder if you can make it through the day. You shy away from the amazing potential that you have. You are frightened, nervous, uncertain. You feel as though you are stuck, as though you cannot be more than you are.

I am here to tell you.. You can. You can be anything and everything you can dream. I can see your potential, your beauty, even if you can't. I love you, and care for you, even when you don't. I believe in you. I know that you will do amazing, astounding, awesome things in your life. Whether you realize it or not, you are divine. Your heart is a thing to be envied. You are filled with love, hope, and passion. Every day is a gift for you to treasure, and to make of it what you will. And when you realize just how powerful you really are, that you are in control of who you can be, that you hold the key to your happiness.. All I can say is, I will rejoice that day. My faith in your strength is only paralleled by your capacity for greatness. Look within; you will find that greatness in yourself. I can help to show you the way, but the ultimate journey is yours. Please, for your sake, take that step.

Remember that I love you always. When you feel alone in the world, I am here for you. I will do everything in my power to make sure you know just how special you are. And I don't want you to ever forget.

Friday, March 4, 2011

Finishing the 30 day challenge..

A little late, for sure.
An art piece (drawing, sculpture, painting, etc) that means something to me.
- A song that makes me cry (or nearly)
- A drawing that I have done.
- A photograph of myself today + three good things that have happened in the past 31 days

Art piece:
Okay, I just spent like 20 minutes trying to decide what to give you.. And I've got nothing. So.. I love art. I am obsessed with arts festivals, museums, and just plain pretty pictures. I love fun designs, awesome crafts, funky music, the works. I will really try and think of something specific to put up, but my range is so broad, I just don't think it's going to happen.

A song that makes me cry:

A drawing that I have done:

I am NOT obsessed with starbucks!!... Okay, maybe I am. But I'm okay with that.

A Photograph of myself today and 3 good things:

This was actually last night, but I figure it's close enough. 3 good things..
1. I finished Pride & Prejudice!!
2. I have been dancing every single Monday & Thursday since I finished training at work.
3. The super cute guy from Studio asked for my number!!

So there's me finished. The challenge is OVA!!! Even if it took a lot longer than 30 days, I'm proud of myself. I hope I haven't bored you to death, and that maybe you've learned at least something interesting! Much love to you all. (: