Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Super quick catch-up post!

I have to hurry and strikethrough:
Visit another country and
Go on a cruise AND
Go out dancing!!!
The first two were a given- I posted about the cruise. I just never threw in the official crossing-off-the-list thang. (; But you haven't yet heard about dancing!!
Batman. Baatmaaan. Met him in my country western dance class. He's a total sweetheart. (: He took me rock climbing with his friends(me! Rock climbing!), and then he played the piano for me and maaade(; me sing with him, and then he took me to cafe rio for dinner, and then we went out dancing. Weird.. Our date was less than a week ago. I feel as though it's been forever. We've seen each other outside of class twice since the date. And it was not enough! But this is about the dancing, for my list, not about that darling boy.
Dancing was amazing!! Studio 600 does country dancing Tuesday and Thursday nights. 8-9 they actually have lessons. We got there around 8:40, so we got to learn a couple new moves. The "sexy dip," and a lift. We totally got it down! We left at about 11:30. Seriously, almost THREE HOURS of dancing! Not too many breaks. And western swing takes MAJOR energy. It was rad. (: Definitely has to happen again!!

Let me sneak this in here: on facebook, there's been some major butting of heads about a talk at Mormon conference this weekend. Boyd K. Packer said some things about homosexuality that did not need to be said. I really have not minded defending it on just about every status I've commented on. It's something of a headache, but then I think.. I would almost loove to be hated for something I believe in. Why?
Because that means that I believed in something strongly enough for someone else to know, and care. And that matters. Because when that person hates you, they are going to help the people that don't hate you find you, and support you. They will make you famous. I desperately want to believe something strongly enough that it's well known, that someone considers me a threat. I want to be that inspiration for those that are afraid to voice their opinion.
-sigh- I'm a little dramatic.


  1. Hey girl,

    I loved country dancing. I used to go every Thursday. Swinging is the best.

    As far as packard (lower case on purpose, I have no respect there).... In a sense he did exactly as you say you want to do. He feels so strongly about something that he has made his name known. He has made people hate him (and others love him) for what he believes. He is wrong of course. There is no doubt in my mind that his beliefs will be overturned with time. I just have no patience for his preachings today and as far as I am concerned, he has blood on his hands for the things he said. But all that being said. I think he would understand believing something so much that you will speak it loudly, conflicting with others, to the point of being hated for those beliefs.

  2. Batman sounds awesome! :) <3! I agree with what he said was wrong, but i wouldnt ever want to be hated for something i couldnt control! I think ur insane ;)