Monday, June 20, 2011

The Itch...

Well, I've got it again. The itch. And boy, is it ITCHY!!!
The itch to change.. Things are all the same again. But this craving is for a different kind of change.. I don't feel the urge to move my room around, to cut or dye my hair, to get a new car(though if you're offering, of course I won't decline). This isn't the itch to get a new look, go on a quick shopping spree, take a walk someplace new. I want change. I want to move to another country, build an orphanage for the homeless, go backpack through Europe, take a wild, crazy risk. I want to quit my job and go search for my soul on the beaches in Thailand, the mountains in New Zealand, the streets of Paris, the museums of Rome. I want to look for myself somewhere so far from home that it's almost silly.
I want to jump in my car, put in a mix of good old fashioned rock and good new indie, and drive. And drive. And drive. I want to end up somewhere I never expected, learn things I could not have fathomed, do things I would have never believed. I want to explore, to meet people, to feel. I want to hear a strangers story, maybe tell them mine. I want to learn, to teach, to grow.
This is a monumental itch, one that is entirely new to me. My soul is in here somewhere, and it is begging for me to scratch.


  1. Wow, never have I felt like I was reading someone's words, but at the same time they were my own. I feel you babe. I have had that itch since I could pick what cloths I wanted to wear. Let's set the world on fire. ;)

  2. Simply Beautiful. I'm quitting my job and going far from here.