Sunday, January 2, 2011

New Years!

Another 12 months, 52 weeks, 365 days, 8760 hours, 525,600 minutes of struggle, fun, progress, love, pain, growth, and experience. I intend to make the best of it!

That is my current Facebook status. And I meant every word! I'm so excited for this year, I can hardly stand it. It started perfect!
I went to a party with Lisette, her date, and of course, Batman. It was HUGE!! There were so many people, it was amazing. I loved it. Batman gave me the perfect New Years kiss, and we welcomed the year dancing outside in the cold to Argyle. Perfection. Beauty. Love. I couldn't ask for anything more.
And now..
My resolution!!!
My New Years Resolution is to make a new resolution every month. I don't want to make a year-long goal for two reasons:
1. It won't last.
2. It won't last.
Seriously, I mean it. I actually want to improve, so I want a goal that I can keep. For January, my goal is to work out regularly. Nothing too challenging, just enough that I can feel healthy and be active. Not to lose weight, 'cause I'm skinny, but just to be a better me. As the year progresses, I'll make new resolutions based on how I feel I need to improve. I think it will work out great. I really want to change for the better. :D
I'm so excited for this year! Last year there were some intense ups and downs. Somewhere around 5 deaths on my Mom's side.. Definite down. Batman.. Definite up. I'm so happy lately, it's almost stupid! I'm positively giddy with cheer. (: I've been super optimistic lately, and just.. Smiley. I love feeling like this. I love every moment I spend with Batman, and my friends. I love all the new people I've met, the new things I've tried. I love me. (:
And now.. I think I've said enough. I wish you all a very wonderful 2011, and hope you can see the best in everything around you!!
Stellar Meadow (:

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