Monday, June 28, 2010

Utah Arts Festival!

I love love LOVE the arts festival! I went twice this year, and let's be honest.. It just wasn't enough! But I had sooooooooooo much fun. (: I went on Friday with Sam. (Adventure: We had to go to his bank so he could get cash. Ran out of gas. Walked across the street to the gas station. Brought gas back and dumped it in the car. DID NOT wait for any amount of time before starting the car and driving to the gas station. Car died again in the middle of the intersection. Sam jumped out to push, I steered. Lovely people standing on the sidewalk came to help. Got gas, went to the festival. (: Adventure.) We discovered Kevin Eslinger's work- which is absolutely fantastic! (    Check it out!) I bought two prints from him, and then I got a caricature. T'was rather fabulous. We left a few minutes after eleven.
I went again yesterday(Sunday) with Lexi. That was also a blast! Aaaaaaand- I get to cross something else off my list!!!!
Flirt with a handsome stranger.
I flirted with the fella selling pizza, hehehe. (: Lexi and I were standing in the food area, debating pizza. I asked her if I really wanted pizza, and she started laughing and said, "Pizza guy says you do!" So I looked over, and the gorgeous man sitting behind the cash register was staring at us and nodding. So we got pizza. (: And might I add: It was totally delish!
Lexi bought one of the same prints from K.E. that I did- the cheshire cat, if you check out his site. I also got the Alice that's holding a white cat. (:
So I think I hit all the main points. And I can't wait for next year!!!

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