Saturday, July 3, 2010

4th of July.. Or not..

Can I just say.. I am very upset that the 4th is being celebrated on the 3rd this year. I understand that it's a Sunday, but in my opinion, that is just an excuse. God will forgive us for celebrating our independence on Sunday. We came to this country partially to be free of religious persecution. No one wants a religion forced upon them. It just seems a little backwards to me that here in our state that is exactly what's going on. All the celebrating happening on the third simply means to me that we really don't control our own lives as much as we seem to think. In my opinion, holidays shouldn't be moved around just because of the day it's on- except the ones that are supposed to. I'd be willing to bet that they celebrated the fourth on the fourth every single year- Sunday or not- in the years following the signing of the Declaration of Independence.
So what's happening here? Am I the only one who feels this doesn't make sense? Or is this a small change that's going to grow and grow?..

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  1. Agreed, I celebrated on the 4th. In Idaho

  2. I celebrated on the 4th in Idaho too! I totally agree with you. I was raised in the LDS church and my parents taught that Sunday is a day for family and God. To me that can be interpreted to Sunday being the perfect day for sitting on a blanket with my kids to watch fireworks and celebrate the country that allows us this freedom.

  3. See, I'm not the only one! You are completely right about Sundays. What could be better than a family barbecue and fireworks and feeling so grateful to have that? I just feel that this "freedom" is something of an illusion now and then, and it makes me wonder what else I'm missing.