Thursday, July 29, 2010


How free is someone when they can't marry the one they love? How free is someone when they can't raise their own child? How free is someone when they can't have a happy, legally binding, loving family? How free is someone when they are denied what they love and want most because they are considered wicked and dangerous? How free when they are considered less than everyone else?
One of the most amazing women I have ever met is a lesbian. She was married in California(before Proposition 8), loves her wife, has 2 daughters, a stepson, and a dog. She was denied the right to see her first daughter by the courts because of some awful lies. But not entirely because of those lies. She lost her wonderful girl because of INTOLERANCE, HATE, and FEAR. She had to be sneaky to adopt her second, the state she lives in won't even acknowledge the marriage with her wife. Thank God there is no dispute about her dog- though I'm sure some would love to try. (Dry humor..)
My point isn't to make you feel sorry for her. My point is that this is WRONG. I absolutely hate that I have it easy- just because I'm heterosexual. What moron thought they were God and decided my life should be easier than hers? And why did anyone agree? She is by far a better person. She is so grateful for what she has, she is a wonderful mother, she is a fighter. And you should see her face when she looks at her wife. So why is it that I can have as many babies as I want, get married as many times as I want, and no one will tell me I can't? And more disturbing, why is it that she DOESN'T have these rights??? And she's not the only one! There are countless wonderful, amazing, beautiful people out there that are suffering because of who they are. Again, this is wrong.
I hate how easy my life is. I hate that I never have to stand up for myself. I hate that I get strawberries and cream while lgbt's get prejudice and bigotry. I don't think I would be strong enough to stand in their shoes. They are tough. They are hated. I respect them.
I understand every community has their black sheep. I don't claim to love them all- I don't know them. But I respect that they work so hard just to fit in where I find myself so easily accepted. No one can tell me this is what God wants. I can guarantee he's cried- he's crying- over the horrible things people are doing. I know I've cried, and God has much more compassion.
I know this post isn't like they usually are. This one was a bit more angry, more of a rant. But this has been building up. And it's wrong. I wish there was something I could do. -sigh-
The pain I've seen is sick. I don't understand how a person can hate someone else so passionately- someone they don't know. No one could meet the aforementioned woman without loving her instantly- she is that sunny. The rudeness she's experienced has nothing to do with who she is- it's what she is.
Tell me that doesn't make you want to puke.

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  1. Amen, Sistah! (and have ranted, and ranted, on my blog too. Regardless of those who feel blogs are not for political ranting. It's my blog. I will rant if I want to. LOL!) Keep up the great posts. I so heart them right now!

  2. Man, I love you Mercy. You are such a beautiful example of the future and I feel so lucky to call you family.

    Keep it up. You're changing the world!

  3. Keri, I didn't know you read my blog.. But I'm glad you did. (: I love you so much! And as for changing the world.. I can only hope so!! I just hope that I can do more one day. I want to do more, that's for sure.
    And thanks Angie. (: I think you can rant on your blog as much as you darn well please! I mean, it's your blog, right??