Monday, July 19, 2010

Random thought..

Okay so let's be honest here, I know nothing about politics. But it seems in the last election, all I heard was that "McCain is old, Hilary's a woman, and Obama is black." Previous elections I seem to remember hearing at least something about their views, or what people liked or disliked about what they were promising. So here's the thing..
Obama is president. Obviously. And I hear a LOT of complaining about it. But seriously, Americans voted him into power! I haven't heard one person saying good things about him. I just have to wonder if people focused so much on the diversity that they lost sight of what really mattered this time. I thought a black president would be good for America, but I didn't voice my opinion because I didn't know what he stood for. I just hope Americans didn't make a mistake trying to do the right thing. You look too hard for the forest, you're gonna get lost in the trees. I think that's a little apt, I hope it makes sense to you.
Anyway, that's what I was just thinking about. I could be full of bologna, I definitely don't know the whole picture. But that's just kinda what I'm confused about right now. That's what I get for trying to think at one in the morning. (:
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  1. I continue to be happy with this presidents work. I don't agree with everything he has done but I do not think agreeing with someone 100% is even possible. :) Overall I feel he has done much for our country. For me, the balance is still with him not against him. Great post!

    On a side note: I often wonder about the negative feelings I have observed towards our president too. Seeing as how we live in a state that did not vote for him it is not strange that they would be negative regarding what he has done.

  2. I didn't know Utah voted against him. That does clear up quite a bit for me though. Thanks Angie. (:

  3. Laughaholic AnonymousAugust 14, 2010 at 11:41 AM

    Well considering that a lot of the population of utah is "mormon" and most mormons take the republican point of view, Obama being democratic was voted against here in utah. lol.