Saturday, February 5, 2011

5 of my biggest pet peeves

1. Negativity. We're here to enjoy life, so freakin enjoy it! You're just going to get yourself all depressed, angry, upset, and that makes you sick, so then it gets worse. Just not fun. \:
2. Debbie Downers. Not only are they miserable, they want everyone to be miserable with them. Lighten up a little. You'll have more fun. (:
3. Getting SUPER offended when no offense is intended. Not everything is a personal affront, and you're not going to get very far if you take it as such. Again, lighten up! You meet some cool people and learn some awesome stuff. (:
4. Stingy, high-and-mighty, proud. Whatever you want to call it. God created us all equal, and God doesn't make mistakes. It won't kill you to play in the mud every now and again. It could be the most valuable experience of your life.
5. Stupid infomercials in the middle of my cartoons! They're long, boring, and a complete disaster. Waste of my life.
So that's it! Apparently, those are 5 of my biggest pet peeves.. At least, what I thought of when I saw the prompt and panicked for ideas. (: Hope you enjoyed!

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