Monday, August 29, 2011


Before I get right down to things- I find it very likely that I will be posting more on my other blog than this in days to come. Do not take that to mean I will be neglecting you! You can find my other blog here, but I do intend to still ravish you with whatever attention I can spare. After all, I love you dearly.. And this blog receives much more attention than my other. (Also- I seem to be incapable of correctly spelling "receiving" the first time. I before e, except after c...)
Today, something wonderful happened.. I had decided to attend an institute class with Dave. I walk into the room, and who is the teacher but Brother Paul Staples, my high school seminary president! I took that to be a sign and promptly signed up for the class. I stayed after and we talked for a good twenty minutes, catching up on things left behind. Talk about a blast from the past! Staples was a huge inspiration to me in my teens, and I am thrilled to be learning from him again. It was meant to be.
There have been a lot of signs lately. Some have been small, others- like the appearance of Brother Staples- have been enormous. I take that to mean I'm finally going the right way. It feels so good to be finding myself.
Life is so, so good. It does not do to dwell on thoughts of despair or misery when every day so far we've woken up to this beautiful world. Life is the greatest gift.. And I'm so happy about it. I love unwrapping this present every morning. I'm waking up earlier and earlier, making better and better decisions. Things are going right, and I feel good!

got soul?

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