Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Story time.

So, I was away for a while. I had a broken computer and such. And unfortunately, some pretty intense things were happening during the time I was gone, and I desperately wanted to blog.. But I couldn't. 
August 20th was my darling Aunt's wedding. I had been asked to be a bridesmaid, along with... Nichol. Yes, my biological mother. So I knew I would have to meet her. The closer the day (August 14th) that she would be here came, the more I freaked out. She posted on my facebook wall, "See you soon love!!!" (Verbatim to the exclamation points.) It scared me. Bad. I was an emotional wreck, and I'm certain I tested the patience of every single person who knew about it, probably pushing some people to their limits. I was nervous, and jittery, and crazy. I didn't know what to say or think or do. Thank heaven above for Dave and my parents. Without that support this could have gone very different. So now I might tell a story with some pictures. They will all be hers, because I didn't take any. I'm certain she won't mind.
I decided the first meeting would be at Yogurtland. It was public, and I wouldn't be trapped.

My support system. I was being difficult, and he was being my hero.

That's her. Nichol. I was very against touching her that first night,  and I think that was fairly obvious. This was about as close as I would get.

This was the next day. I had decided I wasn't going to let things be awkward or general, that we needed to get to know each other. So we went to Starbucks. She brought this shirt with her from Kansas for me. That day was much better. After Starbucks, we walked around the mall, and then...

We went to Keri's house. If you don't know Keri.. Well, she is a saint. She said things neither Nichol or I could, but things that needed to be said nevertheless. I talked to her for hours after Nichol left, and things ended up being really good. I was comfortable, and I felt much better. And unfortunately, her being here seemed to be mostly about me.

I had to pick up the dress for Alison's wedding(she's in the middle), and I ended up staying for dinner. I felt really good by then, and I could talk to Nichol just fine.. Without any help at all. (And I KNOW there were other pictures taken that night.. But lucky me, this was the only one that was easily accessible.)

I'm sure there's lots more photos I could have added, but I felt like these were the best to tell the story of her being here. She was here for a week. I think that was a good amount of time. Any longer, and I probably would have been screaming for a time out. Things went well, but I'm ready to settle down again. Emotional turmoil doesn't suit me. (:
That's the story! Any questions, anything I've left out, feel free to let me know. And now you know, too. About my crazy life. (:

got soul?

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