Monday, May 17, 2010

Hehe.. "Shrooming" at work!

So last night, I worked three to close. We close at seven on Sundays, so it wasn't really a daunting evening in my opinion. Day shift notified us that we had been slower than a snail stuck in syrup all day, so the store was clean and everything was finished. Karen was the closing manager, Marcia was the Guest Service Lead, and Vanessa and I were the cashiers. Karen had me and Vanessa work over in seasonal. First we had to organize the pots, which is a lot funnier in hindsight! Pot, shrooms... Hahaha, get it? Oh wait, you won't get it yet. I have to finish my story first. (:
After the pots, we were doing "T" tables. They're tables near the front of the store. They have shelves and pegs on them, and they're filled with seasonal products. The "T" tables are the first thing a guest will see when they walk in the door, so we try to keep them lookin' pretty! One table had some gnomes on it, and there were no more of the same gnomes in the back. So instead, we found some stinkin cute mushrooms! And that is where the party began.
After we brought up the mushrooms, we realized what a silly mood we were in(we'd been laughing and giggling all day), so we blamed it on the "shrooms." We informed everyone that we were shrooming, and laughed our way through the rest of our projects. Everyone thought it was absolutely hilarious- especially Karen!
So that was my day at work.. Does that make me a druggie?????

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  1. A sugar druggie maybe. I can see work is a bad influence on you.

    Cute blog.