Saturday, May 15, 2010

Sun Factory.. Hehe.

So today we went to tour the Sun Factory. They had a huge carnival and everything. James and Rachel invited us. (: [Rachel works for Sun. She just works in the offices downtown. She always brings home new products and stuff. Sometimes she shares. (:]
Sun Factory produces snuggle products..

We got to meet the snuggle bear! Totally awesome, right? He was very soft and squishy. (:
I also got to hula hoop a ton! Except apparently, I was supposed to get my heart rate measured first.. Oops. :P But that's okay. She read it after, and I got a prize. (: A stress ball!!! Mine was red. Mom got a blue one, and someone else got green. I put mine in my Dad's pocket so I wouldn't have to hold it, and my Mom decided she should put hers in her pocket, too..

What do you think? Pretty attractive, right? That was actually the second time she put it in. The first time, she took it right out. But I made her put it back so I could get a picture. (: Gotta love my funky parents!!!!
After the tour, we got a little more food.. [James was still hungry, and so was Coby.] Then we were just sitting around at a table talking and everything, and Rachel decided she wanted to go down the big blow up slide again. She made Coby go with her..

That's Rachel on the left, in case you couldn't tell. (:

That was our Sun Factory adventure! No free products, but plenty of free fun. (: (:

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